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Braygaunore Group

Braygaunore Group is an international group based in Luxembourg and present at a European and international level and working in different fields such as steel and metallurgy. Its strength is its professionalism and expertise and the men who master them.


The Mastery of skills


A diversified group

The companies in the group will make you benefit from their years of experience,their skills and their professionalism to offer you high quality services. The commitment of Braygaunore Group in the manufacturing technologies , illustrates its ability to undertake and to diversify.


20 Fev. 2018 | Site Internet
Le nouveau site du Groupe est en ligne.

2 Jan. 2020 | 2 0 20
Nouvelle Année
Le Groupe Braygaunore présente ses meilleurs voeux pour 2020 à tous ses clients et ses collaborateurs.


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We put the experience and the quality of our experts at the service of each client.
"Work requires the human elite" - Sénèque

Braygaunore Group cannot dissociate its history from the men who embody it through their expertise.
To continue and to enhance this expertise also means highlighting the human one.
For Braygaunore Group the value of a company is primarily the men who compose it.

By adhering to these values ​​the group strengthens its affirmation while consolidating its reliability and reputation.